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On October 27, 2023, EA SPORTSTM UFC® 5 will be released on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S by Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA). UFC is the leading mixed martial arts (MMA) organization in the world. UFC 5 is the definitive Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) experience, with authentic gameplay and graphics optimized for modern consoles, thanks to its development on the FrostbiteTM Engine and the introduction of the brand-new Real Impact System.

“UFC 5 is the most realistic MMA experience fans can have outside of the Octagon,” said UFC President Dana White. As one reviewer put it, “This game is incredible and truly a next-generation UFC experience.”

With the introduction of the cutting-edge Frostbite Engine, EA SPORTS UFC MMA can now more accurately simulate real-world mixed martial arts competition. UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski and former UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko feature the UFC 5 Standard Edition box art, while UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya graces the UFC 5 Deluxe Edition cover, representing a new era of realism and competitor intensity.

Alexander Volkanovski and Valentina Shevchenko in UFC 5.

UFC 5 has been upgraded significantly from previous installments thanks to the addition of the Real Impact System and other community-requested features. Experience hyper-accurate damage progression as fighter qualities gradually decline over the course of a fight, bringing realism to the blow-by-blow action. Feel the force of each blow with over 64,000 different perceptible face injury combinations.

The new facial animation tool improves fighter likenesses, while improved fluid physics and particle technologies bring blood and sweat to life within the world-famous Octagon®, creating a near 1:1 recreation of a Pay-Per-View main event. UFC 5’s most memorable moments are brought to life with photorealistic fighter likenesses enhanced by cutting-edge body sculpting and strand-based hair.

“UFC 5 offers an intensely realistic fighting experience, harnessing Frostbite’s power and technology,” stated Nate McDonald, EA SPORTS UFC 5’s Lead Producer. Everything has been improved, from the Real Impact System that makes the most of the generational jump in hardware to the improved lighting, detailed characters, and strand-based hair and face animation system. Through our partnership with UFC, we are able to provide a truly unique and authentic MMA interactive experience.

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According to Volkanovski, “UFC 5” successfully portrays “the sweat, blood, and commitment that it takes to be successful in the Octagon.” “In my opinion, EA SPORTS has achieved the pinnacle of sports simulation with this game.”

Cinematic knockout finish replays highlight the decisive moments of fights with heightened visuals and increased excitement. Impact of fight-ending shots are shown in slow motion with cinematic angles and lighting, recreating the excitement of a UFC fight.

When a significant injury occurs, the referee will stop the bout so that a doctor can examine the injured party at ringside. Under pressure, players must use real-world sportsmanship to adjust to an injury and prevent more harm, with the failure to do so potentially resulting in a medical stoppage.

Ufc 5 Release Date Ps5

New Strike Animations Emulate Heavy Hitters, Professional Kickboxers, and More New Motion Variations for Ground and Pound Elbows, Spinning Attacks, Body Punches, and Calf Kicks Hit Reactions have also been included. In addition, the Hit Reaction animations and physics can trigger crisp connection hits throughout a chaotic combat, giving gamers an unforgettable experience.

Transparently New Submission Process Seamless Submissions improve upon the current grappling system by removing unnecessary minigames and allowing for smoother animation transitions. While newcomers benefit from Grapple Assist, seasoned players can delve into the game’s deeper levels. Grappling fans can enjoy a more natural and fluid ground game with the help of seamless submissions.

Launching alongside UFC 5 is a redesigned live service, featuring features like Fight Week and Fight Picks that correspond with actual UFC events and the game’s Alter Egos mode. All-new takes on popular fighters, Alter Egos highlight pivotal moments in their real-life exploits and offer unique cosmetics and skills.

These are just a handful of the new additions to UFC 5; for a full rundown, check out the game’s official announcement trailer. Between now and the release, more information regarding UFC 5 will be made available. To remain abreast of all the news, be sure to join the EA SPORTS UFC community on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, and subscribe to the EA SPORTS UFC YouTube channel for all trailers and videos.

Beginning on October 24th, EA Play members will have access to UFC 5 three days early and receive special bonuses.

EA SPORTS UFC 5 was developed by EA Vancouver and received an ESRB M (Mature) and a PEGI 16 rating. PS5TM and Xbox Series X|S versions will be released on October 27, 2023. Players who pre-order the Deluxe Edition can get it for either system on October 24.

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