Theft In Starfield Is An Easy Task! Learn How To Steal Money Easily


The act of obtaining a spaceship by illicit means within the virtual realm of Starfield is a significant obstacle, however, this pursuit holds tremendous merit as it offers a simple alternative to the financially burdensome procedure of direct acquisition.

The objective of this article is to offer a thorough step-by-step explanation of the process involved in obtaining and protecting a spaceship within the virtual realm of Starfield. This paper will elucidate the sequential procedure involved in appropriating a spacecraft, while also discussing strategies for safeguarding its integrity and facilitating its availability for personal utilization in subsequent space missions.

How To Steal In Starfield?

The first phase involves acquiring a target with the intention of theft throughout the vast realm of outer space. To optimize cost reduction and foster harmonious relationships with fellow crew members within the Starfield game, it is recommended to only appropriate opposing vessels as opposed to indulging in alternative forms of stealing. These include vessels such as bounty hunters, who possess the ability to pursue individuals, as well as Crimson Fleet ships, which tend to engage in aggressive activities upon visual contact.

In the context of conflict, rendering an adversary’s vessel’s engines inoperative is of paramount significance to commandeer it. Please consult our extensive manual on the strategic methodology for targeting propulsion systems within the virtual universe of Starfield. This article offers a comprehensive examination of the strategies utilized to successfully incapacitate the propulsion systems of an opponent’s spacecraft, making them vulnerable to assault.

The opposing ship, having encountered a breakdown in its propulsion system, is currently in a compromised condition that renders it susceptible to boarding. It is advisable to exercise prudence when approaching the vessel, ensuring a sufficient separation from the ship’s front section in case its armament systems are still functional. Following this, the user will have the chance to commence the process of ‘Docking’ with the spacecraft by pressing and maintaining the ‘X’ button on a gamepad or the ‘R’ key on a PC.

It is imperative to acknowledge that the process of docking with another vessel is only viable when one is not actively involved in combat operations. Hence, it is recommended to neutralize any antagonistic spacecraft in close vicinity before commencing the docking procedure. After the process of docking is completed, individuals have the option to hit either the ‘X’ or ‘R’ button once more, initiating the process of embarking onboard the enemy spacecraft. By activating this button, users will be able to gain access to the interior of their vessel. Afterward, the individual should move to the latch mechanism and employ it to expedite the process of transit into the neighboring vessel.

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Currently, it is important to undertake the activity of organizing the premises. To effectively seize control of the opposing spacecraft, it is crucial to utilize all feasible means to eliminate every member already on board. Therefore, we propose to selectively acquire starships within the Starfield that are owned by factions characterized by innate hostility, such as the Crimson Fleet. By engaging in such actions, the absence of a financial incentive for apprehending each person will be observed.

How To Keep Stolen Ships?

Nevertheless, considering the specific circumstances surrounding Starfield, what if an individual wishes to maintain ownership of the unlawfully obtained spaceship permanently? To achieve this objective, it is important to navigate the spacecraft, employing techniques such as grav jumping or other viable approaches, towards any accessible spaceport inside the galaxy.

The closer the proximity, the more apparent it becomes that it is more desirable. Nevertheless, in the case of experiencing confusion over the whereabouts of a spaceport, individuals may choose to navigate towards New Atlantis, which is located in the Alpha Centauri star system and is renowned for its reliability. Upon reaching the specified spaceport, it is necessary to proceed with the disembarkation process from the unlicensed spacecraft. Kindly proceed to a spaceport technician and formally seek authorization to inspect your ship.

The pilfered vessel may now be duly documented as part of your armada, therefore confirming ownership and conferring upon you the authority to employ it as desired, contingent upon a modest fee in the form of Credits.

How To Sell Stolen Ships in Starfield?

In the hypothetical scenario where an individual obtains ownership of a prestigious spacecraft within the fictional realm of Starfield, it is crucial to acknowledge that the sale of this vessel is subject to a registration procedure overseen by an authorized Ship Services Technician. The Technician, a merchant frequently met at diverse planetary landing zones, provides ship registration services. This service incurs a price equivalent to approximately 90% of the ship’s assessed value, which is to be remitted in the form of Credits. Despite the seemingly significant initial cost, consumers possess the capability to recover their investment and potentially produce more money through the utilization of the “Sell” feature provided by the vendor in question.

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The act of selling a ship results in the acquisition of Credits, which are determined by the ship’s assessed value. Consequently, this facilitates the acquisition of the remaining 10% of the registration cost necessary for an unlawfully acquired watercraft. Individuals who acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in the illicit activities of ship theft and subsequent sale within the virtual realm of Starfield have the potential to amass a substantial monetary gain from such endeavors. This financial incentive may eventually overshadow any ethical concerns that may arise as a result of repeated successful transactions.

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