Remnant 2 – Best Weapon Mod: Enhance Your Arsenal


Remnant 2 offers an array of powerful weapons to help you combat the menacing creatures lurking in its post-apocalyptic world. But what sets these weapons apart are the mods that can be attached to them. These mods imbue the weapons with special abilities and effects, allowing you to customize your playstyle and maximize your damage potential. In this article, we will explore the best weapon mods in Remnant 2 that can take your arsenal to the next level.

Hot Shot: Ignite Your Enemies

The first weapon mod on our list is Hot Shot. This mod imbues your ammunition with fire, increasing ranged damage by 15% for 20 seconds. Additionally, each shot applies the burning status effect, dealing fire damage over 10 seconds. Hot Shot is particularly effective when paired with full-auto weapons like the XMG57 Bonesaw or Blackmaw AR-47, as every bullet will cause the burning status effect. This makes it a devastating choice against both elites and bosses, allowing you to quickly melt through their health bars.

Voltaic Rondure: Unleash Electric Fury

The Voltaic Rondure mod launches a slow-moving orb that pulses every 0.5 seconds, dealing shock damage to enemies within three meters. The orb also applies the overload status effect, which increases the damage taken by affected enemies. The orb lasts for 20 seconds and can be overcharged by striking it with additional damage, further increasing its destructive power. This mod is particularly useful in crowded areas and against enemies vulnerable to shock damage.

Corrosive Rounds: Melt-Through Armor

Corrosive Rounds is another powerful weapon mod that imbues your ammunition with acid. Not only does it increase the ranged critical chance by 15% for 20 seconds, but each shot also applies the corroded status effect. The corroded status effect deals damage over time, making it a great choice for wearing down heavily armored enemies. Corrosive Rounds can be seen as an alternative to Hot Shot, as it provides acid damage and the corroded status effect instead of fire damage.

Helix: Rain Down Missiles

The Helix mod is perfect for those who prefer slow-firing guns and close-quarters combat. When activated, Helix shoots multiple missiles that deal damage to enemies before splitting into smaller rockets that track targets. This mod is great for dealing with groups of enemies or focusing fire on a single target. By shooting a barrage of missiles directly at your foe, you can watch as the additional rockets continue to track and pepper them with hits.

Astral Burst: Control the Battlefield

Astral Burst is a weapon mod that excels in crowd control and area-of-effect damage. When activated, it shoots a burst of seven-star fragments that can bounce off walls up to three times, hitting enemies multiple times. This mod is particularly effective in caverns, tunnels, and narrow corridors, where the fragments can bounce off surfaces and hit enemies multiple times. Astral Burst can turn the tide of battle, allowing you to control the battlefield and take down multiple enemies at once.

Fargazer: Drive Your Enemies Mad

Fargazer is a unique weapon mod that calls forth an Eye of Legion. This eye applies the madness status effect to enemies when you aim and look at them. For every 0.25 seconds that Fargazer focuses on a target within 25 meters, a stack of madness status is applied for 5 seconds. Each stack deals damage over time and can stack up to a maximum of 10. Fargazer’s effect has a decent uptime, as you often aim down sights while targeting enemies. This mod is particularly effective for support-focused players.

Defrag: Fragmented Fury

Defrag is one of the most versatile and powerful mods in Remnant 2. When you fire a shot with Defrag, it applies the fragmented effect to the enemy, causing shots to apply the fragmented effect for five seconds. When a fragmented enemy dies, it creates a glitch that lasts for 15 seconds. Picking up a glitch increases all damage by 20% for 15 seconds. You can also destroy the glitch to create a viral pool that deals damage and applies the fragmented effect to all enemies within it. Defrag is a late-game mod that can significantly enhance your damage output and crowd control abilities.

Choosing the Right Weapon Mod

When choosing the best weapon mod for your playstyle, consider the strengths and weaknesses of each mod. Hot Shot is perfect for dealing fire damage and causing the burning status effect. Voltaic Rondure excels in shock damage and overload effects. Corrosive Rounds is great for acid damage and corroded status effects. Helix provides missile barrages and tracking rockets. Astral Burst offers crowd control and bouncing star fragments. Fargazer applies madness status effects. And Defrag enhances damage output and crowd control abilities.

Crafting and Obtaining Weapon Mods

To obtain these weapon mods, you can either find them during your journey through Remnant 2 or craft them using specific materials. Some mods can be obtained by defeating bosses, while others can be purchased from vendors like Ava McCabe in Ward 13. Crafting materials can be found throughout the game or exchanged with Ava in Ward 13. Make sure to explore different areas and dungeons to gather more loot and increase your chances of obtaining these powerful mods.

In Remnant 2, weapon mods are essential for maximizing your damage potential and customizing your playstyle. The best weapon mods, such as Hot Shot, Voltaic Rondure, Corrosive Rounds, Helix, Astral Burst, Fargazer, and Defrag, offer unique abilities and effects that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Experiment with different mods to find the ones that suit your playstyle and enhance your arsenal. With the right weapon mods, you’ll be well-equipped to face the challenges that await you in Remnant 2.

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