Mk1 Dlc Characters Release Date: Prepare for the Ultimate Throwback Fight


The release dates for the Mortal Kombat 1 Kombat Packs will show when the first waves of downloadable content (DLC) are made available for the game. Unlike other prior Kombat Packs, this one won’t drop all at once, so each character will likely have their own special day.

Some potential release windows for MK1 DLC are shown below for Kombat Pack 1. You can jump in straight now if you purchase the Premium Edition. In addition, you’ll get a DLC Kombat Pack including the next six playable characters…

  • Superman Who Can’t Be Stopped
  • The DC Peacemaker, a Quan Chi practitioner
  • Homelander (The Boys) Ermac
  • Takeda Takahashi

You’ll also get access to Kameo Fighters, who are essentially backup fighters for your main team.

  • Mavado’s Tremor
  • “Johnny Cage”
  • The Khameini Ferry

The Kombat Pack also includes a special Jean-Claude Van Damme skin for Johnny Kage. Early Access for Mortal Kombat 1 is available now on all platforms. The complete version will be out on September 19th.

Mk1 Dlc Characters Release Date

When will the MK1 Omni-Man be available for purchase?

As the first character in the Kombat Pack, the MK1 Omni-Man has the earliest expected release date. Although Ed Boon, co-creator of the franchise, said that players may expect to use Omni-Man “within the first few weeks of the game’s launch,” the precise release date is unknown. The release of Omni-Man is expected to occur in October barring any unforeseen setbacks.

When will MK1 Ermac be available for purchase?

The MK1 Ermac downloadable content has yet to be announced. The studio has been mum on rumors about his release date. However, since Omni-Man is the first character introduced in the video and the first character to be made public, it is not out of the question that Ermac will be introduced after him. Ermac is likewise largely finished, much like he was in the game’s story mode.

Can you tell me when the Peacemaker MK1 will be available to buy?

The DLC for the MK1 Peacemaker has no set release date. NetherRealm has also been vague on when we may expect his release. And if the trailer provided any indication, Peacemaker may be the third character to be revealed. He appeared in the trailer after two others. Since John Cena is credited, we can assume he has contributed to the game in some capacity.

The MK1 Quan Chi’s release date is when.

There is also no confirmed release date for the MK1 Quan Chi downloadable content. Strange, because he appears in the main campaign, albeit in an incomplete form with only a handful of movements.

When will the Takeda MK1 be available to buy?

There is also no set date for the MK1 Takeda downloadable content. Still, he appears in the trailer after Homelander, character number five, suggesting that he may be the fifth main character.

When will Homelander MK1 be available for purchase?

There is currently no concrete information on the release date of the MK1 Homelander DLC. Still, according to NetherRealm Studios, you can expect Homelander in the spring of 2024. Homelander might potentially be the next DLC character, however NetherRealm has never published two guest characters in quick succession. Given the rhythm and background, it makes sense that the characters may make their debut in the sequence shown in the teaser.

When will the Kameo character from the Kombat Pack be made available for download?

Unlike the fully playable DLC MK1 characters, for which NetherRealm provided release windows, the five Kameo fighters—Tremor, Khameleon, Mavado, Johnny Cage, and Ferra—received no such information. Whether or whether they will be released simultaneously with the core combatants is unknown.

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Launch of the MK1 Kombat Pack FAQ

When will the Kombat Pack, which includes MK1 Omni-Man, be made available to players?

The MK1 Omni-Man is scheduled to be the Kombat Pack’s initial release, Q. While no firm release date has been announced, Omni-Man is expected to be playable sometime in the game’s early months, perhaps as early as October.

When will the MK1 Ermac downloadable content be made available?

The MK1 Ermac downloadable content’s release date has not yet been set. It’s possible that Ermac, who featured in the game’s story mode, may be unlocked next, given that Omni-Man is the first character shown in the teaser and the first to be published.

When will the Kombat Pack downloadable content including the Kameo combatants be made available?

The five Kameo fighters—Tremor, Khameleon, Mavado, Johnny Cage, and Ferra—have not been given definite release dates by NetherRealm. These characters could be released independently of the main DLC combatants or they could premiere with them.

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