iPhone 15 Plus Review: The Best iPhone For Big Phone Lovers


Beginning with the iPhone 15, the range has a lot to offer. The smallest and least expensive phone in the new line (except for the iPhone SE, which came out in March 2022). The iPhone 15 Pro Max, Pro, and Plus are all the same phone, but one of them has a bigger screen, more advanced features, or both.

The Pro and Pro Max models may get all the attention for the features they offer, but the iPhone 15 is where the range starts. A lot of the features on all phones are the same, and the basic iPhone 15 is more than enough for most people.

The reason for this is that the iPhone 15 is much better than the iPhone 14. This time, the main camera on the back is 48MP, the chip is the powerful A16 Bionic, and there is no notch. Instead, there is the Dynamic Island.

The iPhone 15 is a great phone, but it doesn’t have all the features of the Pro models. For example, it doesn’t have the zoom lens or the always-on display. Having tried the Pro Max model before, using the iPhone 15 is different, but not as different as I thought it would be, and I liked it.

This is possible: the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the best iPhone. However, there are people I would suggest the iPhone 15 to instead. The 15 might be a better buy for the money since not everyone needs what the Pro models have to offer.

What’s New On The iPhone 15?

I had a list of improvements I really wanted for the iPhone 15, and we got some of them. The most important one might be adding the Dynamic Island. This feature was first added to the iPhone 14 Pro models. It solved the problem of the camera and sensors being in the wrong place in the front display by using software.

This area used to be empty, but Apple turned it into a place where all alerts would be sent. The Dynamic Island is a beautiful piece of design that could only have come from Apple. The Dynamic Island was not only fun and useful, but it also took attention away from the camera and sensor holes. It was an important part of using the iPhone 14 Pro models, so it’s good to know that all four new models now have it.

The Dynamic Island works the same way on the iPhone 15 as it did before. It will show you an icon when the screen is locked or the phone is on quiet. When you play music, it will show you a thumbnail of an album, and some of your favorite apps will send you updates.

The cameras are the second big change on the iPhone 15. It was only the Pro models that got a 48MP main camera last year. This year, all models get it. The iPhone’s camera has gone from 12MP to 48MP, which is a huge step up. The 48MP camera not only has a higher quality, but it also has the ability to offer an extra focal length.

What's New On The iPhone 15?

iPhone 15 Display

There are many good things to say about the iPhone 15’s new screen, but some users are upset that it doesn’t go any further. It’s brighter than ever on this new Super Retina XDR screen. It has the same high HDR brightness of 1600 nits and high outdoor brightness of up to 2000 nits as the Pro version.

With a resolution of 460 ppi, that 6.1-inch, 2556 x 1179-pixel screen looks great for both playing games and watching movies. The colors are also very true to life. It also works with Dolby Vision out of the box, which makes watching shows on Apple TV+ or other streaming services truly amazing.

Dynamic Island is also a big part of the iPhone 15’s screen. It was a big hit on the iPhone 14 Pro models, as we already said, and it’s great to see it on this model too. Third-party apps are what really make Dynamic Island come to life. It can show anything from live sports scores to how long it will be before your Uber arrives. My new favorite app, though, is the United Airlines one. It has information about your gate and what to do in the air on the Dynamic Island.

The update rate is the only thing the screen doesn’t do well. The iPhone can only handle 60Hz, so there is no ProMotion here, which offers up to 120Hz. That’s bad news for gamers, but it also means that the screen won’t be on all the time. This is because ProMotion also lets the frame rate drop to just 1Hz, which saves power when the screen is locked.

I didn’t expect full ProMotion with 120Hz, but it would have been nice to have a changeable refresh so that the screen could be on all the time. The always-on display not only looks great, but it’s also useful for iOS 17’s new Standby mode, which shows the time when the phone is plugged in and in landscape mode.

iphone 15 display

The Design Of The iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 is almost the same size as the old model, but not quite. Because the screen is a little bigger, the phone is about 1 mm higher and 0.1 mm wider. To be honest, this means that iPhone 14 cases, especially hard cases, won’t fit the new model right.

To get more precise, the back glass has been colored, which makes it look less glossy and more matte. At the ends, the aluminum frame is more curved, which makes the change from side to front or back smoother. All of this makes the phone look and feel more high-end when you hold it. The Apple mark on the back is now the same color as the rest of the phone.

In terms of color, the iPhone 15 comes in five new shades. Because the glass has color in it, even the black looks a little lighter than it did before. From the very light blue to the yellow and green, this year’s colors are definitely softer. But pink might be the coolest color this year. That being said, it’s still not a bright Barbie pink, but with the matched band, it looks pretty cool. You can get the Apple Silicone case in Guava, which is a darker pink, if you want something stronger.

The iPhone 15 doesn’t have an action button like the Pro models do, but it does have a switch on the side for the sound. But I don’t think this is a big loss here. It’s possible that this will be different on the next model. For some reason, that actual mute button makes me feel calm.

The Design Of The iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Performance And Battery Life

The iPhone 15’s battery life is said to last all day, which is the same as the iPhone 14’s. That means you can watch up to 20 hours of video or 80 hours of audio. In practice, that means you should be able to use the phone for more than a day without having to charge it.

In real life, when I put the phone back in at night, it was still 40–50% charged. The only time I had trouble getting through the day was after a flight, when I played Football Manager 2023 for a few hours, which really drained the battery. I knew that was going to happen, though, and I was still able to use it until the evening.

The iPhone 15 has the same A16 Bionic chip that was in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The amazing speed in games and image processing is made possible by a 6-core CPU, a 5-core GPU, and a 16-core neural engine.

As expected, the iPhone 15 gets about the same Geekbench score as the iPhone 14 Pro models, which is 6300. Like a 2019 MacBook Pro, that’s a big step up from the iPhone 14 and its A15 Bionic chip. That shows how fast it really is.

This phone never really got too hot for me, and now that I’ve put the latest update (iOS 17.0.3), I don’t think it will either. As you might expect from a phone or computer, the phone does get warmer when you use some apps for longer amounts of time.

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How Good Is The Camera On The iPhone 15?

The camera system in the iPhone 15 is one of the best it has ever been. Instead of having 12 million pixels, the main camera on the back now has 48 million pixels. By default, this makes a 24MP picture by using info from two pixels for each one. It also means that it can use only the middle of the camera to make a 12MP picture with a 2x zoom.

Images that are taken in low light are also saved as 12MP files, which let the camera use four pixels for each one to get as much info as possible. You can also use the HEIF Max file to take full 48MP pictures if you want to get every detail or want to zoom in later.

You can also find the 0.5x ultra-wide camera on the back. It has the same new lens cover as the Pro models. You can get a range of 0.5x (13mm equivalent) to 2x (52mm equivalent) from those two cameras.

The pictures that the iPhone 15 takes are truly amazing. A lot of detail can be seen, especially in the 48MP photos, and the colors look very real. They might look a little flatter than photos taken with some Android cameras, but I like the way they look. You can also change the photographic styles to make the basic image more vivid.

When the 12MP ultra-wide camera was having trouble with light, I did see some watercolor-like effects if I zoomed in really close. But this only happened on a few pictures and doesn’t happen with the main camera.

With the new 2x zoom, you don’t need the longer 3x or 5x zooms of the Pro models very often, at least when taking pictures. It’s still possible to get a 10x digital zoom if you need to, but the quality will be worse.

When it comes to the iPhone 15 and other models with iOS 17, the new picture modes are very useful. Now, when the phone sees a person or animal (like a cat or dog) in the picture, it will save a depth map file instantly. This lets you use the Portrait mode later. You can change the focus anywhere in the frame when changing portrait mode photos to make different people or things stand out.

How Good Is The Camera On The iPhone 15?

I love taking pictures of other things, like still lifes, in portrait mode to get that soft focus look. That’s too bad that the photo mode doesn’t save the depth map for all pictures by default, or at least let you set it to do that.

The iPhone 15 still has a 12MP f/1.9 front camera, but it now has new portrait mode choices that make it better. Portrait mode makes your picture stand out when you take a selfie. It’s also great if you want to cut out the picture or use it as a sticker.

You can still record videos in 1080P or 4K at up to 60 frames per second on the iPhone 15. You can also choose between HDR and dramatic modes up to 4K. In 1080P, you can get slow motion video at either 120fps or 240fps. Additionally, the time lapse mode and the time lapse mode at night are enjoyable to try.

There are no Pro video settings here, like ProRes and LOG color, but that’s because this isn’t a pro phone. Even so, you can still get some really great video footage from it, so it’s fine for casual use.

Apple IOS 17

Some of the great new features in iOS17 were talked about in my review of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and they’re still true here. This phone now has the Dynamic Island, which is great because it means you can now see some of those visually appealing and useful messages on the Island.

Really want the touch to share friends feature to become popular and not just a gimmick that people forget about. I really like it. It’s a great way to quickly share your information without having to put in your number or look for someone’s Instagram or LinkedIn account. Business cards are becoming a bit old-fashioned these days.

Also, iOS 17 seems to be better at offering pictures for my lock screen. It has shown me some that I might have thought of using from my own collection but now love. I wish the iPhone 15 had an always-on screen so I could enjoy it for longer.

How Much Is The iPhone 15?

The iPhone 15 is a very tempting offer when it comes to price. Prices start at £799, $799, or AU$1499 for the 128GB model. If you need more space on your computer, it also comes in 256GB and 512GB sizes. But if you pay for Apple’s iCloud storage plans, you probably won’t need that. The most expensive option with 512GB of space costs £1099, $1099, or AU$2049.

On the page for the iPhone 15, you can also choose the iPhone 15 Plus, which has a bigger 6.7-inch screen. It costs between £899 (about AU$1649) and £1199 (about AU$2199).

How Much Is The iPhone 15?

Should I Buy The iPhone 15?

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is the best iPhone out there, not the iPhone 15. However, the iPhone 15 is the best choice for most people. It’s easy to hold, has a beautiful screen, a processor and graphics chip that are very powerful, and it takes great pictures.

The iPhone 15 Plus is the one to get if you want a bigger screen and a longer battery life. This is the best phone for you if you want a faster refresh rate and a good camera. But the iPhone 15 is still the best phone for the money if you want a good one that you can carry around with you.

Even though I wouldn’t call an iPhone particularly cheap, the iPhone 15 is very good value for money compared to other phones on the market. Right now there are some great contract deals that make it pretty cheap every month.

Personally, if I had the money to buy a new phone right now, I would think about getting the iPhone 15. I’m sure I would be happy with my choice.

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