Ghost of Tsushima Fans Should Not Wait For Its Arrival On Xbox


Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure video game that has been developed by Sucker Punch Productions. The initial release of the game occurred on July 17, 2020, specifically for the PlayStation 4 platform. Subsequently, the game was reissued for the PlayStation 5 console in August of 2021. The player assumes the role of Jin Sakai, a samurai, in the game, as he embarks on a mission to halt the Mongol incursion of Tsushima island.

Ghost of Tsushima garnered significant appreciation and commendation from both enthusiasts and reviewers upon its initial release. Consequently, some players have justifiably expressed curiosity regarding the potential release of Ghost of Tsushima on the Xbox platform, contemplating its eventual availability.

Is Ghost of Tsushima accessible on the Xbox gaming platform?

Currently, there is a lack of evidence to support the assertion. Ghost of Tsushima is a video game that is exclusively available on the PlayStation platform. Therefore, it is exclusively accessible on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms, while being unavailable on the Xbox. Furthermore, there have been no current announcements regarding any additional ports of the game.

What is the reason for Ghost of Tsushima not being available on Microsoft’s gaming console?

There exist several factors contributing to the unavailability of the game on Xbox systems. One primary factor contributing to the exclusivity of Ghost of Tsushima is the extensive track record of its developers, Sucker Punch Productions, of creating games solely for PlayStation platforms. The establishment of the company took place in 1997. Subsequently, it commenced operations as a developer affiliated with Sony, assuming the role of a second party. Initially, it gained recognition for its association with the Sly Cooper series of video games designed for the PlayStation 2 gaming console.

Subsequently, the development of the Infamous titles was undertaken exclusively for the PlayStation 3 platform. The company underwent a formal acquisition by Sony Entertainment in 2011, afterward transitioning into a subsidiary. Currently, it has become one of the numerous studios affiliated with PlayStation. It is regarded as being on par with other esteemed developers, such as Santa Monica Studios, Naughty Dog, and Guerrilla Games.

Due to the strong affiliation between the development studio of Ghost of Tsushima and PlayStation, the prospect of its availability on Xbox shortly appears improbable. From a business perspective, the availability of key exclusives like Ghost of Tsushima on other platforms would reduce the motivation for gamers to acquire a PlayStation. The success of the PlayStation brand is heavily contingent upon the caliber and abundance of its unique titles.

Due to the close competition between Xbox and Sony, it would be illogical for Sony to authorize the porting of a very popular exclusive game onto the Xbox console. Similarly, it is quite improbable that Microsoft will authorize the porting of Starfield to PlayStation shortly.

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Is there a possibility of Ghost of Tsushima being released for the PC platform?

The most comparable alternative to a release on Xbox would be a release on the personal computer platform. No formal statements have been made regarding the matter, however, the prospect of a PC release has not been excluded. In recent times, several PlayStation titles developed by the original creators have been released for the PC platform. The aforementioned selection encompasses Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered and the Uncharted: Lost Legacy Collection.

Regarding the Xbox platform, it is improbable that Ghost of Tsushima will be adapted for porting within the foreseeable future. Individuals interested in engaging with the narrative of Jin Sakai’s resistance against the Mongol Empire will need to acquire either a PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 5 gaming console. The probability of a PC release is higher, although, at present, the game can only be played on the PlayStation platform.

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