5 Secret Genshin Impact Mods That You Might Not Heard Of In 2023!


Genshin Impact has undeniably earned its place as one of the most exquisitely crafted games of all time, seamlessly blending open-world gameplay with captivating Anime-inspired themes and characters. Upon its release, the game set the internet ablaze, quickly skyrocketing to become the number-one game in the world within its first week.

This game’s perfection is such that it ensures players never grow tired of it. From the intricately woven storyline to the breathtaking graphics, the vast array of missions, the immersive open world, and the meticulously designed weapons, every minute detail has been carefully considered and flawlessly executed. However, even a game as polished as Genshin Impact can be further enhanced and made more challenging through the use of mods. Our team of writers, after dedicating a week to exploring Genshin Impact and its modding scene, brings you a curated list of the best mods available for the game.

Top 5 Genshin Impact Mods

1. Playable Boss Raiden Shogun Outfit

Playable Boss Raiden Shogun Outfit

The Raiden Shogun outfit is a highly sought-after attire in the game, but unfortunately, it cannot be unlocked or purchased through regular means. However, thanks to the creativity of modders, the developers have transformed this exclusive attire into a mod, allowing players to don the traditional garb of the Raiden Shogun through the Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto boss model.

2. HDR Details Filters

HDR Details Filters

While Genshin Impact already boasts breathtaking graphics, this mod is designed specifically for Nvidia GPU users and enables them to enhance the texture and detailing in the game’s minimal graphics. By implementing high-dynamic-range (HDR) details filters, this mod enriches the game’s visual experience, adding stunning shadow effects and intricate details to the world of Genshin Impact.

3. Swordfish II Captain Outfit

Swordfish II Captain Outfit

Another notable outfit mod for Genshin Impact, the Swordfish II Captain attire is a promising addition to your character’s wardrobe. This outfit pays homage to the iconic Swordfish II spaceship from the beloved anime series “Cowboy Bebop,” imbuing your character with a distinct and stylish appearance.

4. Thor Hammer (GOW)

Thor Hammer (GOW)

The absence of Thor’s hammer in Genshin Impact may leave fans wondering why such an iconic weapon was not included in the game. However, the modding community has come to the rescue, introducing a thrilling solution. This mod brings Thor’s hammer into the game as an anime-inspired weapon, allowing players to wield the power of the Thunder God as they explore the vast world of Teyvat.

5. Geode Bow

Geode Bow

The Geode Bow mod introduces one of the most visually stunning weapons in Genshin Impact. Its exquisite design exudes charm, but don’t let its beauty fool you—this bow possesses deadly force. With this mod, players can unleash arrows with tremendous power, piercing through the bodies of their enemies with precision and efficiency.

Links to Download these mods:-

1. Playable Boss Raiden Shogun Outfit- [Download Here]

2. HDR Details Filters- [Download Here]

3. Swordfish II Captain Outfit- [Download Here]

4. Thor Hammer (GOW)- [Download Here]

5. Geode Bow- [Download Here]

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