Briar Release Date and Abilities Revealed, Officially Confirmed To Be Out in 2023


League of Legends’ next champion Briar has had her powers and a morbidly comical video detailing her backstory revealed. This is everything we know about the upcoming League champion. Briar, one of the Champions set to debut in 2023, has had her skills and character details revealed by Riot Games. The Restrained Hunger is a failed scientific experiment that was just let loose in the League of Legends universe to wreak havoc on players’ games.

Already, the splash art for The Champion has generated a great deal of public outcry. The Champion’s skills were leaked a few days before they were officially released, and Briar has been compared to Warrwick by some. Regardless of the debates, Briar is coming to live servers and will inject a dose of Jinx-like excitement into League.

Explain who League of Legends’ Briar is

Briar, a human League Champion, has a hunger theme, and her kit requires players to strike a delicate balance between her frantic and calm states to succeed. Briar is a naive Champion who hails from the Black Rose and represents the ideal of the role. She is a failed experiment with a raging appetite for blood who needs a unique pillory to calm her racing thoughts.

Now that she’s free from confinement, she answers to no one. Riot has published a cinematic to give fans an idea of the new Champion’s backstory and overall themes.

League of Legends Briar Skill Set in Full

While we do not currently have the exact stats for Briar’s kit, we do have a detailed description of her active and passive skills.

The bleeding effect from Briar’s attacks and abilities stacks, allowing her to recover some of the damage taken. She has an insatiable appetite and can heal more quickly to make up for the health she’s lost, but she can’t heal herself naturally. As soon as a bleeding foe dies, she will restore any lingering bleed damage.

When Briar jumps to an enemy unit, she does damage, stuns them, and breaks their armor. If Briar uses this ability on a minion or monster while under the affects of Blood Frenzy, she will no longer give priority to enemy Champions.

Snack Attack/Blood Frenzy Warning

Briar charges forward, shatters her pillory, and enters a Blood Frenzy, during which she aggressively pursues the nearest adversary (giving preference to champions). While enraged, she is able to move and attack more quickly, and her attacks will do more damage to the region around her target.

While frantic, Briar can use this ability again to really put the CHOMP on her opponent with her next attack, increasing her damage done by an amount proportional to the target’s health loss and restoring some of her own.

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Freezing Scream

Briar clears her mind of Blood Frenzy and channels her rage into a mighty scream that deals damage and slows her foes’ movement. While charging, her maximum health is restored and she takes significantly less damage. A fully charged scream has a knockback effect, doing extra damage and stunning opponents who contact a wall.

Guaranteed Demise

Briar kills the first champion she hits with a kick from a hemolith. She then enters a condition of total hematomania and belines straight to them, afraid of the other enemies in the area. She’ll keep going after them until one of them is dead, at which point she’ll earn the bonuses to Armor, Magic Resistance, Lifesteal, and Movement Speed from Blood Frenzy.

When will League of Legends’ Briar be available?

According to the current patch release schedule, the release of Briar will occur with League of Legends patch 13.18 on September 13,2023. Be with us at, you’ll find all the latest information about Briar, the Restrained Hunger, as it becomes available to the public. That wraps up the information necessary to understand Briar in League of Legends.

Briar Release Date

It’s important to note that there is also an open-source software communication technology called Briar that is unrelated to the League of Legends champion. The Briar messaging app is designed for activists, journalists, and anyone else who needs a safe, easy, and robust way to communicate.

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