The Ultimate Guide to Among Us Mods: Enhancing Your Gameplay


Among Us has taken the gaming world by storm with its thrilling multiplayer gameplay and captivating mysteries. However, the fun doesn’t have to end with the vanilla version of the game. Thanks to the vibrant modding community, players can now explore a wide array of Among Us mods that add new roles, game modes, maps, and much more. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the exciting world of Among Us mods, providing you with a step-by-step process to download, install, and enjoy these modifications. Get ready to elevate your Among Us experience to a whole new level!

What Are Among Us Mods?

Before we dive into the exciting world of Among Us mods, let’s take a moment to understand what they are. Mods, short for modifications, are user-created content that alters or enhances the original game. In the case of Among Us, mods introduce new features, roles, game modes, and even maps that can be added to the base game. These mods offer players a unique and customized gameplay experience, allowing them to explore new challenges and possibilities within the Among Us universe.

How to Download and Install Among Us Mods

Getting started with Among Us mods is easier than you might think. By following a few simple steps, you’ll be able to enhance your gameplay in no time. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download and install Among Us mods:

  1. Choose a Reliable Modding Platform: There are several platforms where you can find Among Us mods, such as CurseForge and These platforms host a vast collection of mods, offering a variety of options to suit your preferences. For this guide, we will focus on CurseForge, which provides publicly available mods.
  2. Browse the Mod Library: Once you’ve chosen your preferred modding platform, start exploring the vast library of Among Us mods. CurseForge, for example, offers a range of mods, including GUI enhancements, new roles, game modes, maps, and much more. Take your time to browse through the available options and select the mods that catch your interest.
  3. Download the Mods: After finding the mods you want to try out, download them to your computer. Most modding platforms provide clear download links for each mod, making the process straightforward. Click on the download link and save the mod files to a location on your computer where you can easily access them later.
  4. Locate the Among Us Install Directory: To install the mods, you’ll need to locate the Among Us install directory on your computer. If you’re playing the game through Steam, right-click on Among Us in your Steam library, select “Manage,” and then choose “Browse local files.” This will open the game’s installation folder.
  5. Install the Mods: Once you’ve located the Among Us install directory, it’s time to install the mods. Extract the mod files from the downloaded zip folders and copy them into the Among Us directory. Make sure to follow any specific installation instructions provided by the mod creators. Repeat this process for each mod you want to install
  6. Launch the Game: With the mods installed, you’re now ready to launch Among Us and enjoy the enhanced gameplay experience. Start the game as you normally would, and if the mods were installed correctly, you should see their effects in the game. Have fun exploring the new features and challenges offered by the mods!

Top Among Us Mods to Try in 2023

Now that you know how to download and install Among Us mods, let’s explore some of the most exciting mods available in 2023. These mods introduce new roles, game modes, maps, and other enhancements that will breathe new life into your Among Us sessions. Here are our top picks:

1. BetterCrewLink

BetterCrewLink is a proximity voice chat mod that revolutionizes communication in Among Us. With this mod, players can talk to each other in-game, provided they are close to each other. This mod enhances the social aspect of the game, allowing for more strategic discussions and immersive gameplay experiences. Join the Among Us Discord servers dedicated to proximity voice chat play and enjoy a whole new level of interaction with your fellow crewmates.

2. Sheriff Mod

Take justice into your own hands with the Sheriff Mod. While the Sheriff role is not officially available in Among Us, this mod allows players to become the Sheriff and hunt down the impostors. The Sheriff has the power to eliminate impostors with a single shot, but be cautious, as mistakenly targeting a crewmate will result in the Sheriff’s demise. This mod adds an exciting twist to the gameplay, introducing a new layer of suspense and strategy.

3. Extra Roles

If you’re looking for additional roles to spice up your Among Us games, the Extra Roles mod is a must-try. This mod introduces four new roles: Medic, Officer, Engineer, and Joker. The Medic can make a crewmate invincible, the Officer aims to eliminate impostors, the Engineer can repair sabotages from anywhere on the map, and the Joker’s goal is to get voted out by convincing everyone they are the impostor. These new roles add depth and complexity to the gameplay, creating thrilling moments of deception and teamwork.

4. ColorsPlus

Customize your Among Us character like never before with the ColorsPlus mod. While the game officially introduced eight new colors, this mod takes character customization to a whole new level by offering a staggering 252 additional colors. Stand out from the crowd and express your unique style with an extensive palette of hues. Whether you prefer vibrant shades or subtle tones, this mod allows you to truly make your character your own.

5. Vampy Mod

Embrace the darkness and become a vampire impostor with the Vampy Mod. This mod transforms the impostor into a bloodthirsty vampire, granting them two new abilities: bite and transform. The impostor can turn into a bat and fly around the map, adding a new dimension to their gameplay. Beware of the garlic, though, as it can expose the impostor’s true nature. Experience Among Us from a fresh perspective as you unleash your inner vampire.

6. Crewmates with Hands

Get ready for a visual upgrade with the Crewmates with Hands mod. This mod reveals the hidden hands of the crewmates, bringing a touch of realism to their movements. Even the mini Crewmate pet and Crewmate hat receive hands, adding a quirky and amusing element to the game. Watch as the crewmates’ hands go up and down while they run, creating a whimsical atmosphere during your Among Us adventures.

7. The Haunted Mansion

Immerse yourself in a spooky adventure with The Haunted Mansion mod. This mod replaces the familiar spaceship setting with a haunted mansion complete with candlelight, cobwebs, and eerie atmosphere. Explore the haunted rooms, navigate through hidden passages, and unravel the mysteries concealed within the mansion’s walls. The Haunted Mansion mod provides a thrilling alternative to the traditional Among Us gameplay, allowing you to experience the game in a whole new light.

8. The Maze Map

Embark on a challenging journey through a labyrinthine maze with The Maze Map mod. This mod offers a unique gameplay experience where your goal is to navigate the maze and eliminate dummies to complete the game. Test your navigation skills, strategize your moves, and sharpen your deductive abilities as you race against the clock to emerge victorious. The Maze Map mod provides a refreshing twist on the usual Among Us gameplay, offering a thrilling adventure for players seeking a new challenge.

9. BioResearch Map

Venture into the BioResearch Station, the largest modded map in Among Us, with the BioResearch Map mod. This map features over 30 different locations, combining tasks from various maps such as MIRA HQ, Polus, Airship, and Skeld, along with additional new tasks. Explore the vast research facility, carry out experiments, and uncover the secrets hidden within its walls. The BioResearch Map mod offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience, perfect for those craving a fresh Among Us adventure.

10. Greyskull Keep Map

For fans of Greyskull Keep, the Greyskull Keep Map mod is a must-try. This mod recreates the iconic castle of Greyskull Keep within the Among Us universe, complete with venting networks, old and new tasks, and much more. While the current version features only the first floor, the creator is actively working on expanding the map to include the second floor. Immerse yourself in the world of Greyskull Keep and experience Among Us like never before.

Among Us Mod Manager: Simplifying the Modding Process

As the Among Us modding community continues to grow, developers are working on tools to streamline the modding process. One such tool is the Among Us Mod Manager. Created by MatuxGG, this mod manager simplifies the installation of Among Us mods, making it easier for players to enjoy a customized gameplay experience. With the Among Us Mod Manager, you can easily download and load mods from platforms like CurseForge, saving you the hassle of manually installing each mod. This open-source tool is constantly evolving, with regular updates and improvements being made to enhance the modding experience.

Among Us, mods offer a world of possibilities for players to explore and enjoy. Whether you’re looking to add new roles, game modes, maps, or visual enhancements, the modding community has you covered. With this comprehensive guide, you now have the knowledge and tools to dive into the exciting world of Among Us mods. Download, install, and embark on thrilling adventures with your friends as you uncover the impostors and experience the game in a whole new light. Embrace the creativity and innovation of the modding community and let your Among Us gameplay soar to new heights.

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