Twitch Makes it Easier to Qualify for Partner Plus Program


Twitch is a live-streaming platform for gamers, musicians, artists, chefs, and other creators to share their content with the world. It is the world’s leading live-streaming platform, with over 17.5 million active streamers and 150 million daily active users.

Twitch is most popular for live game streaming, but it also hosts a wide variety of other content, including music, creative, and “in real life” (IRL) streams. In 2022, Twitch generated over $2.8 billion in revenue, making it the leading source of revenue for live streaming platforms.

To use Twitch, you need to create an account and then search for the content you want to watch. You can also browse by category or discover new streamers through the “Recommended” section. If you want to start streaming on Twitch, you need to download the Twitch app and create a streaming account. You will also need a gaming PC or console with a webcam and microphone.

Some of the most popular categories on Twitch:

  • Games: This is the most popular category on Twitch, with streams of popular games like Fortnite, Appex Legends, and Minecraft.
  • Just Chatting: This category is for streams that are not about gaming, such as IRL streams, music streams, and cooking streams.
  • Creative: This category is for streams of creative content, such as art streams, music production streams, and coding streams.
  • IRL: This category is for streams of real-life events, such as walking around a city or going to a concert.
  • Music: This category is for streams of music, such as DJ sets, live concerts, and music production streams.

Twitch is a great way to connect with other gamers, musicians, artists, and creators. It is also a great way to learn new skills or simply be entertained.

Benefits of using Twitch:

  • You can watch live streams of your favorite games, musicians, artists, and creators.
  • You can interact with the streamers and other viewers in the chat.
  • You can support your favorite streamers by subscribing to their channels or donating bits.
  • You can start your own streaming channel and share your content with the world.

If you are interested in using Twitch, I encourage you to create an account and start exploring. There is something for everyone on Twitch, so you are sure to find something you enjoy.

Twitch Makes it Easier to Qualify for Partner Plus Program

Twitch has announced a change to its Partner Plus program that will make it easier for streamers to qualify. The program, which offers streamers a higher revenue share of 70%, previously required streamers to maintain a minimum of 350 paid subscribers for three straight months.

Under the new changes, higher subscription tiers will count for extra toward meeting the 350 paid subscriber requirement. Tier 1 subs will now count as one point, Tier 2 subs will count for two points, and Tier 3 subs will count for six points. This means that streamers can now qualify for Partner Plus with just 116 Tier 1 subs, 58 Tier 2 subs, or 29 Tier 3 subs.

The changes are effective immediately, and Twitch says that they are designed to…

“Recognize deeper support from your community.” The company also says that it is “committed to supporting our creators and providing them with the tools they need to succeed.”

The Partner Plus program is a significant improvement over the standard Twitch revenue share, which is 50/50. The higher revenue share can make a big difference for streamers, especially those who are able to maintain a large number of subscribers.

The changes to the Partner Plus program are a welcome move by Twitch. They make it easier for streamers to qualify for the program and get the benefits that come with it. This is good news for streamers who are looking to make a living from their content.

Twitch Makes it Easier to Qualify for Partner Plus Program

Do you know about PUBG Mobile is one of the best mobile shooting games of all time? It has been downloaded over 1 billion times and has a massive active player base. It is a battle royale game, which means that 100 players are dropped onto an island and must fight to be the last one standing. The game is known for its realistic graphics and intense gameplay.

Twitch Streamer Gambling Deals: Kick vs. Twitch

A new streaming platform called Kick is attracting some of Twitch’s biggest streamers with deals that offer them a larger cut of the revenue from their streams. Kick takes a 5% cut of streamers’ earnings from subscriptions, compared to the 50% cut that Twitch takes.

This has led to some controversy, as critics say that Kick is encouraging gambling addiction by making it more lucrative for streamers to gamble on camera. Twitch banned gambling content last year, but Kick allows it, and some streamers have said that they are only switching to Kick because they can make more money there.

Twitch has responded by saying that it is-

“Committed to providing a safe and responsible environment for our community.” The company says that it is “working to address the concerns that have been raised about gambling content.”

It remains to be seen how the competition between Twitch and Kick will play out. However, it is clear that the issue of gambling content on streaming platforms is a complex one with no easy answers. Twitch is a great platform for gamers, musicians, artists, and creators to share their content with the world. It is a vibrant and ever-changing community, and there is something for everyone on Twitch.

However, it is important to note that Twitch is not without its risks. Some streamers may engage in inappropriate or harmful content, and there is always the potential for cyberbullying and harassment. It is important to be aware of these risks and to take steps to protect yourself when using Twitch.

Note: The information provided in this response is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. Always consult with a qualified professional before making any decisions about your health or finances.

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