These Starfield Weapons Will Make You Feel Like Terminator In The Game


The inclusion of the M1911 pistol in “Starfield,” the recently launched interstellar role-playing game developed by Bethesda Softworks, stands out as a particularly authentic aspect. This sidearm, which has been utilized and revered by actual U.S. military personnel for over a century, adds a sense of realism to the game.

In “Starfield,” set approximately 300 years ahead, players are immersed in a futuristic world where they must equip themselves with advanced technology, such as laser weapons, to navigate and investigate over 1,000 distinct planets. However, certain firearms from the present era continue to exist in the game as “Old Earth” weapons. Notably, the M1911 is referred to as the “Old Earth Pistol,” while the AK-47, renowned for its reliability, is recognized as the “Old Earth Assault Rifle.”

In the game “Starfield,” players who are enthusiastic about obtaining the M1911 firearm within the virtual environment can acquire the Old Earth Pistol by looting crates and fallen foes. Additionally, this weapon is available for purchase at different weapons stores located within the game, such as Laredo Firearms and Rowland Arms situated in Akila City on Akila, which is part of the Cheyenne system. However, for United States military personnel and veterans who are new to the game “Starfield,” the addition of the M1911 pistol may be perceived as a nostalgic and pleasant surprise, rather than a strategically advantageous asset. This is due to the enduring presence of the M1911 sidearm among the U.S. armed forces.

Really Hope the Laser weapons in Starfield can be used in endgame this time around
byu/P0G0Bro inStarfield

The semi-automatic single-action 1911, chambered in .45 ACP, was designed by the renowned firearms inventor John Moses Browning. It was chosen by the U.S. Army as a replacement for the Colt M1892 revolver due to the perceived shortcomings of the latter during the Philippine-American War at the beginning of the 20th century. The pistol demonstrated its effectiveness as a sidearm during World War I. Notably, Sergeant Alvin York utilized a handgun to successfully overcome six German soldiers who attacked him with bayonets. This remarkable shootout resulted in Sergeant York being awarded the Medal of Honor.

The 1911 pistol gained popularity due to its ergonomic design and effective stopping capabilities, leading it to be widely adopted by the United States armed services. The American defense industry produced over 2.9 million M1911 and upgraded M1911A1 pistols through military contracts throughout the weapon’s period of service. According to The National Interest, the M1911 weapon gained appeal beyond the United States military, since it was distributed to anti-Axis allies and guerrilla forces worldwide under the Lend-Lease program during World War II.

Starfield Weaponry

Heller’s Cutter

The Cutter is widely regarded as the most superior weapon type in the Starfield universe. This is because it possesses utility beyond its capacity for inflicting harm on adversaries. Moreover, it serves as a mechanism capable of fragmenting rocks and mineral formations, which is crucial for advancing the campaign by acquiring artifacts and efficiently obtaining resources on other celestial bodies. One of the most significant aspects is that the Cutter possesses an unlimited supply of ammunition. The energy of the device becomes diminished with prolonged usage, although it also undergoes a process of replenishment over some time.

The player is provided with a Cutter as a default tool upon commencing the game. Heller’s Cutter can be acquired within the Vectera habitat as part of the Back to Vectera mission. The Disassembler perk is equipped, granting the ability to inflict a 20% increase in damage specifically against robotic entities.


The Deadeye firearm is derived from a conventional revolver-style weapon, albeit possessing distinctive attributes that distinguish it as a singular iteration. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that the Deadeye is equipped with pre-installed modifications. The aforementioned firearm, adorned with intricate carvings, is equipped with several modifications, namely a laser sight, compensator, penetrator rounds, and a hair trigger mechanism. The acquisition of the aforementioned item is made possible through membership in the Freestar Collective Rangers.

Arc welders

These are capable of emitting medium-range beams, but, their damage output is quite low. Arc welders play a crucial role in this context. This particular weapon has superior damage and range characteristics but at the cost of ammunition consumption. During the mission to acquire the famous Mantis ship, it is highly probable that an individual will encounter one within the concealed base.

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Fiscal Quarter

The Fiscal Quarter is an exceptional and uncommon automatic rifle that is granted as a reward upon successful completion of the primary quest titled “All That Money Can Buy.” The weapon exhibits a notable rate of fire and is equipped with several modifications, including a Short Scope, Compensator, Tactical Grip, Armor-piercing Rounds, and Hair Trigger. Additionally, the distinctive advantage of Shattering is its ability to enable bullets to penetrate even the most resilient armor.

Experiment A-7

Even though Experiment A-7 is classified as a rare shotgun, it is widely regarded as one of the most superior armaments inside the Starfield universe. In addition to possessing a considerable effective range relative to other shotguns, this particular firearm offers a notable selection of eight modifications: Long Barrel, Laser Sight, Reflex Sight, Choke, Tactical Stock, Flechette Rounds, Hair Trigger, and Fully Automatic.

Furthermore, Experiment A-7 possesses the Exterminator perk, which bestows a 30% increase in damage inflicted upon extraterrestrial entities. The firearm in question is obtainable by the player throughout the primary mission known as “Entangled.” This acquisition is particularly appropriate given the presence of several hostile extraterrestrial insects that the player will inevitably confront.

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Unmitigated Violence

The Unearthed mission culminates with a decision wherein the participant is presented with the choice to align themselves with either the Emissary or the Hunter. The selection of the Emissary is required in this context. The final encounter of the campaign entails confronting the Hunter, serving as the ultimate adversary in the Revelation mission. Overcome the adversary and acquire possession of this weapon. The Unmitigated Violence is a renowned laser rifle that possesses numerous modifications, alongside three distinct perks:

Frenzy – There exists a limited probability of inducing a state of frenzy in the target.
The radioactive ability is characterized by its capacity to inflict damage of a radioactive kind upon the target, while also inducing a state of demoralization. The ability to “Instigating” inflicts twice the amount of damage to foes that are at maximum health.

Eternity Gate
The Eternity’s Gate is derived from an adversary originating from the celestial realm. Nevertheless, to acquire it, one must align oneself with the Hunter during the Unearthed task. To successfully conclude the Revelation quest at a later stage, it is imperative to overcome the Emissary. The acquisition of this armament serves as a form of recompense after the successful vanquishment of one’s adversary.

The Eternity’s Gate is a renowned particle beam weapon that possesses the unique capability of inflicting both physical and energy-based harm. The aforementioned benefits include: The Skip Shot ability allows for the simultaneous discharge of two projectiles every fourth shot.

Handloading refers to the practice of assembling ammunition cartridges manually, typically to produce rounds that possess enhanced power and impact. However, it is important to note that these hand-loaded rounds may exhibit a higher level of volatility, rendering them less stable and occasionally prone to failure.

The anti-personnel attribute confers a 10% increase in damage inflicted upon individuals of the human species. It is important to acknowledge that within the narrative of Unearthed, there exists an additional option whereby the player may opt to align themselves with neither of the Starborn factions. This implies that players have the opportunity to engage in combat with both the Hunter and Emissary characters during the culminating phase of the campaign known as Revelation. In an alternative approach, it is possible to persuade both parties to cease hostilities peacefully, albeit without obtaining possession of their weaponry.

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