Path of Exile 2 Release Date: What We Know So Far


Path of Exile fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of Path of Exile 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular action RPG. While there have been rumors and speculation surrounding the game’s release date, Grinding Gear Games, the developer behind the Path of Exile series, has finally provided some clarity. In this article, we will delve into the details and shed light on what we know about the Path of Exile 2 release date.

The Evolution of Path of Exile 2

When Path of Exile 2 was first announced in 2019, it was intended to be an expansion to the original game, with both campaigns playable in the same game client. However, as development progressed, Grinding Gear Games realized that the scope of Path of Exile 2 had expanded significantly. The game had evolved into more than just an expansion, boasting entirely new monsters, skills, mechanics, and classes. As a result, the decision was made to separate Path of Exile 1 and 2 into separate games, each with their own mechanics, balance, endgames, and leagues.

The Evolution of Path of Exile 2

The Road to the Closed Beta

During ExileCon in 2023, Grinding Gear Games provided an update on the progress of Path of Exile 2 and announced that a closed beta would be taking place. Co-founder Jonathan Rogers revealed that the closed beta for Path of Exile 2 is set to begin on June 7, 2024. While fans may have been hoping for an earlier release, Rogers emphasized the importance of taking the necessary time to ensure the game is polished and delivers the quality that players expect.

A Glimpse into the Gameplay of Path of Exile 2

To give fans a taste of what’s to come, Grinding Gear Games unveiled new gameplay footage during ExileCon. The showcased gameplay focused on Act 3, set in the Jungle Depths, an intriguing new biome within the ruins of the ancient Vaal civilization. The footage highlighted the capabilities of the Monk class, showcasing new character skills and traits. The Monk specializes in Dexterity and Intelligence, offering players a glimpse into the diverse character customization options that will be available in the game.

Enhanced Combat Mechanics and Fluid Gameplay

One of the notable improvements in Path of Exile 2 is the enhanced combat design, with a particular focus on giving greater mobility to melee classes. The Monk class, for instance, demonstrated increased mobility and agility, allowing for more dynamic and engaging gameplay. Additionally, all classes in Path of Exile 2 will have access to a dodge roll ability, providing players with increased maneuverability. It’s important to note that while dodge rolling offers freedom of movement, players will not be invulnerable during the animation, requiring strategic decision-making to avoid damage effectively.

Redesigned Crowd Control and Boss Fights

Grinding Gear Games has also taken steps to redesign crowd control mechanics in Path of Exile 2. The new system incorporates internal meters that allow players to charge up their crowd control skills, providing a more balanced and engaging experience. Successful freezes or stuns will require players to strategize and adapt their approach to maintain their effectiveness. These changes aim to improve the fluidity of party play and ensure that crowd control abilities work seamlessly in boss fights.

Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile 1: Separate Yet Connected

Despite the separation of Path of Exile 1 and 2 into distinct games, Grinding Gear Games remains committed to maintaining a connection between the two. Microtransactions, for example, will be shared between the games, allowing players to enjoy their purchased cosmetics and items in both Path of Exile 1 and 2. However, certain mechanics exclusive to one game may not be transferable to the other.

The Future of Path of Exile

As Grinding Gear Games continues to work on the development of Path of Exile 2, they have not forgotten about the original game. The upcoming update, Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors, is set to introduce new features such as Passive Skill Tattoos, Atlas Keystones, and itemized Sanctums. This update is scheduled to release on August 18, providing players with fresh content to enjoy while they await the arrival of Path of Exile 2.

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ExileCon: A Celebration of the Path of Exile Community

ExileCon, the annual convention dedicated to all things Path of Exile, offers fans a unique opportunity to gain insights into the development process, interact with the community, and hear exciting announcements firsthand. The convention features a variety of panels, including character skills, item design and mechanics, narrative design, sound and music, and an action RPG roundtable. Additionally, there will be gameplay showcases with popular streamers and community figures, providing a comprehensive look at what Path of Exile 2 has to offer.

Looking Ahead: The Release Date and Beyond

While the closed beta for Path of Exile 2 is set to begin on June 7, 2024, an official release date for the game has yet to be announced. Grinding Gear Games will closely monitor player feedback during the closed beta phase to make any necessary adjustments and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players. As development progresses, fans can anticipate further updates and announcements from the developer regarding the release date and additional features of Path of Exile 2.

With the anticipation building, Path of Exile fans eagerly await the release of Path of Exile 2. The game’s evolution into a separate entity from its predecessor promises a wealth of new content, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and a fresh experience for players. As the closed beta approaches, players can look forward to immersing themselves in the world of Path of Exile once again, armed with new skills, facing formidable challenges, and embarking on epic adventures. Stay tuned for further updates as the release date for Path of Exile 2 draws nearer.

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