Xbox Wireless Headset Review: Comfortable, Intuitive Design and High-Quality Audio


The Xbox Wireless Headset is a popular gaming headset developed by Microsoft. It offers a comfortable and intuitive design, high-quality audio, and a wireless connection to Xbox consoles. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review of the Xbox Wireless Headset, including its design, features, and audio performance.

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset Design

The Xbox Wireless Headset has a sleek and elegant design that is both comfortable and intuitive. Here are some of the design features of the Xbox Wireless Headset:

Sleek and Elegant Design: The Xbox Wireless Headset is fashioned in black molded plastic with a splash of Xbox green on the earcups. The slim, sharp edges on the top band and the concentric circles of the outer earcups create a striking look that is both sleek and spacious. The headset is designed to look like a match for the console, making it a great addition to any Xbox setup.

Solid Build Quality: The Xbox Wireless Headset is extremely solid, with a thoughtful design, great control layout, and easy pairing that make it pleasantly simple to use. The headset is well-built and durable, with a comfortable and adjustable fit that can accommodate a variety of head sizes and shapes.

Intuitive Controls: The rotating earcup dials provide an intuitive way to change volume and game/chat balance, and the fully adjustable mic tucks up and out of the way when not in use. The controls are easy to use and provide quick access to important settings, making it easy to adjust the headset on the fly.

Comfortable Fit:
The Xbox Wireless Headset is designed for comfort, with ultra-soft earcups, a lightweight design, and a customizable fit
. The earcups are also designed to rotate, making it easy to adjust the headset for a comfortable fit. The headset is comfortable enough for long gaming sessions, though it can be a bit tight at first Xbox Wireless Headset features direct pairing to Xbox consoles, without the need for a dongle or a base station. This makes it easy to connect the headset to your console and start gaming right away. The headset is also compatible with Bluetooth (version 4.2, SBC codec), and it can connect through both protocols simultaneously.

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset Audio Quality And Price

The Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset offers a gaming audio experience that is generally regarded as good, with some variations in opinions. Here is a summary of the audio quality and price of the Xbox Wireless Headset:

Audio Quality:

  • The Xbox Wireless Headset provides pretty average audio for a gaming headset, with largely accurate high-range sound and dramatically boosted bass and mid-range audio.
  • The increased mid-range output ensures that nobody’s voice will struggle to come through, but high-range sounds may be occasionally hard to hear in bass-heavy moments.
  • The microphone of the Xbox Wireless Headset is solid, with aggressive digital noise cancellation and tuning applied to it at all times. However, this can lend the user’s voice a thin, fake-sounding quality.
  • The audio performance is generally considered good for a gaming headset, with powerful, bass-heavy sound and the ability to customize the EQ settings.


  • The Xbox Wireless Headset is priced at $99, which is generally considered a reasonable price for a wireless gaming headset.
  • It offers impressive features and audio performance for its price, making it a good value option for those looking for a headset that combines Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless connectivity.
  • The headset looks and feels nice for the price, with a comfortable fit and an intuitive design.
  • Compared to other wireless gaming headsets in the same price range, the Xbox Wireless Headset stands out for its build quality and construction.

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Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset Compatibility and Connectivity

The Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset offers compatibility and connectivity options that make it versatile and easy to use with various devices. Here are the key points regarding compatibility and connectivity:

  1. Xbox Compatibility:
    The Xbox Wireless Headset is designed to be compatible with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles
    . It utilizes the Xbox Wireless protocol, making it easy to pair with any Xbox console. This ensures a seamless connection and integration with Xbox gaming systems.
  2. PC Compatibility:
    The Xbox Wireless Headset is also compatible with Windows PCs
    . It can be connected to Windows devices via Bluetooth, allowing users to enjoy wireless audio while gaming on their computers. The headset can be paired with Bluetooth version 4.2 and supports the SBC codec.
  3. Bluetooth Connectivity:
    In addition to Xbox compatibility, the Xbox Wireless Headset can connect to other devices through Bluetooth
    . This means that users can pair the headset with their mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, to listen to music or chat while on the go. The ability to connect through both Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth simultaneously provides flexibility and convenience.
  4. Easy Pairing Process:
    The Xbox Wireless Headset offers an easy pairing process for both Xbox consoles and other devices
    . Pairing the headset with an Xbox console or PC typically involves pressing and holding the pair button for a few seconds. The headset can be paired with the Xbox Wireless Adapter for PC or directly with the console. The process is straightforward and user-friendly.
  5. Xbox Accessories App:
    The Xbox Accessories app allows users to fine-tune the audio controls of the Xbox Wireless Headset
    . This includes adjusting equalizer settings, bass boost, auto-mute sensitivity, and mic-monitoring levels. The app provides customization options to optimize the audio experience according to personal preferences.
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