Top 5 Hollow Knight Mods- A Beginner’s Guide| How To Install Them


There are many more fantastic add-ons for Hollow Knight of which these are only a few examples, playstyle, visuals, sound, and even narrative can all be modified. Therefore, if you want to alter the gameplay of Hollow Knight or add new features.

Note: The mods hosted on the Hollow Knight Nexus are reliable since they have been extensively tested by the community. The save files should be backed up before you begin altering, as this process can sometimes break the game.

We have discussed the five best mods in this post.

Hollow Knight Mods- Mantis Gods

The fight against the Mantis Lords is one of the most popularly and praised bouts in the game, and for good reason. They are a formidable adversary, at least up until the point where you have learned their pattern.

As a result of installing the Mantis Gods mod, the Mantis Lords’ attacks become both quicker and more brutal. Their pattern, despite being identical and is more difficult to predict which requires you to make adjustments on the fly. They’re challenging!

Hollow Knight Mods- Mantis Gods

Download Link.

Discover how these mods can enhance your gaming experience.

Hollow Knight Mods- Custom Skins

The Custom Skins patch doesn’t make any major changes to the game or make it simpler, but it does bring a new layer of customization that can be a welcome breath of fresh air. The Custom Skins mod allows you to give your minion the appearance of anyone you desire, from Troupe Master Grimm to the Hive Knight.

This mod is great, but what’s even better is that it lets you change the appearance of non-player characters. The Custom Skins add-on makes it possible to swap out even the Hollow Knight cutscenes if desired. You could practically make a new game from scratch using the Custom Skins add-on.

Do you know how to add the Custom Skins? If the answer is no, then there is no need for concern because you may view the video that we have posted here.

Hollow Knight Mods- Randomizer

Now the second mod is the Randomizer one. This mod is highly regarded by the community and with good reason it is loved by most of the players. It can drastically improve or drastically alter your experience in Hallow.

In the same way that late-game items sometimes become available in the early game, early-game things can sometimes be found in The Abyss. When goods are randomly selected, no one is immune, not even the shopkeepers. Still, there’s no denying the Randomizer gives Hollow Knight a fresh lease on life by making each playthrough unique.

Hollow Knight Mods- Randomizer

If you activate the Randomizer, your fate will be decided by the mod- Download Link.

Hollow Knight Mods- Easier Mode Cheap Charms

It’s normal to have trouble with Hollow Knight if you aren’t good at adjusting to the game’s harsh difficulty. The good news is that you can use Charms to make your battle through Hallownest a little less difficult as the level of difficulty decreases as more charms are collected.

Even among insects, the tiny Knight would be revered as a deity. Each Charm in the game costs only one notch to equip in the Easier Mode – Cheap Charms mod, with the exception of the Wayward Compass and Gathering Swarm Charms, which can be equipped for free.

Here is the Download Link.

Hollow Knight Mods- Invincibility

Do you ever wish that you could relax and take in the sights, sounds, and smells of Hallownest without constantly being on guard for sneak attacks?

Or you just want to dive headfirst into the action and experience the story without having to worry about spending forty hours or more grinding your teeth and nearly giving up out of sheer frustration.

The invulnerability upgrade saves the day which helps in preventing even the most powerful blows from doing any damage to the small Knight. This mod can greatly improve your situation if you are hopelessly trapped on the Path of Pain or in the White Palace.

Hollow Knight Mods- Invincibility

Download Link.

How do I install mods for Hollow Knight?

Steps are mentioned below-

  1. Download the ModLoader mod from the Hollow Knight Nexus.
  2. Extract the ModLoader mod to a folder on your computer.
  3. Copy the \Hollow Knight\hollow_knight_Data\Managed\Mods folder from the ModLoader mod to the Hollow Knight game directory.
  4. Download the mods that you want to install.
  5. Place the .dll files for the mods that you want to install in the \Hollow Knight\hollow_knight_Data\Managed\Mods folder.
  6. Start Hollow Knight.
  7. The mods that you installed should now be enabled.

Here are some additional tips for installing mods for Hollow Knight:

  • Make sure that you have backed up your save files before you start modding.
  • If you are having problems with a mod, try disabling it and then enabling it again.
  • If you are still having problems with a mod, you can try asking for help on the Hollow Knight modding Discord server.

Stay tuned for more such posts.

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