The Best 7 Elden Ring Mods That Will Change Your Game For Sure!


There are a number of modifications that are merely tweaks to the game’s code that make it more user-friendly and on the other hand, some are minor like new features, that completely alter the game. Most of these modifications will present challenges to both new and experienced players. This is the reason in this article we are going to discuss seven add-ons for Elden Ring that significantly alter the experience of playing the game

There are a few things to consider before we get started. Neither Fromsoftware nor Bandai Namco prohibits alterations to Elden Ring, however, the inclusion of Easy Anti Cheat protects players from unfair play in online multiplayer.

Tip- For this reason, you shouldn’t download any large, game-altering mods for your online game.

Another crucial point to keep in mind is the inherent danger of modification. It may be as easy as replacing files in the game directory, but there’s always a chance those files will become corrupted. So, before you start altering, make sure you have a backup. Furthermore, the game shouldn’t get corrupted if you follow the directions provided by the mod writers.

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Many of the users are quite impatient and aren’t able to wait till the intro get finished that is the reason a modification is made in which you can skip the opening logos and get to the action directly. It is just an ideal, for that purpose.

The skip intro logo hack is exactly what it sounds like a simple way to disable the startup logos.

The mod cannot be installed without the Elden Mod Loader(how to set up Elen Mod Loader). Simply extract the contents from the downloaded mod archive and drop them into the Elden Ringmod folder. If everything went smoothly during installation, the game would launch without any logos.


Skip Intro in elden rings

Pause the Game- In Case of Emergency

The Game pause is quite or we can say very useful as well as demanded mod. At first, a gaming community requested to make a modification that enables its users to simply pause the game The developers never paid any serious attention to this amazing suggestion, but the modding community stepped in to make it a reality and now we have the mode- You can simply download it by clicking on the link.

The Pause the Game mod does exactly what its name implies: it pauses Elden Ring.

  • To install a mod, download the archive from the Nexus Mod page.
  • Extract its contents.
  • Then place the individual files inside the mod folder.

If everything went smoothly during installation, the mod will launch alongside the game. The Elden Mod Loader is a prerequisite for using this modification.

Pause the Game In Elden Ring

Disable Rune Loss on Death

When a player dies in Elden Ring, they will lose all of their accumulated runes from killing adversaries which is really disheartening to have hundreds of runes vanish from your inventory after being ambushed by opponents, even while this feature adds a level of challenge and encourages gamers to play the title wisely.

Disabling rune loss upon death helps alleviate this issue. Eliminating the “rune loss on death” punishment from Elden Ring, this mod is among the best. Even if a player dies, any runes they have in their inventory will remain there. It also requires the Elden Mod Loader in order to be installed- aforementioned we have mentioned a guide link in which the steps are mentioned on how you can install the EML.

Want to download this life-saving mode- here is the link.

Disable Rune Loss on Death

Elden Ring Reforged- Increase The Difficulty To The Next Level

If you’re looking for a more difficult take on Elden Ring, this is one of the better mods you can get. The Reforged modification reworks the game’s mechanics and balancing system to make it more challenging.

Deflects, a new class system including-

  • Fortunes
  • Rebalanced player equipment
  • Status effects
  • Changed camera parameters for bosses
  • Altered enemy AI, and much more are just some of the features included by the patch.

The modification can only be used with Mod Engine 2.

Tip-Mods should be downloaded after installing Mod Engine 2, unzipped, and placed in the same folder. The “config_eldenring.toml” file must be edited to specify the “ERR” directory. Start the mod by double-clicking the “launchmod_eldenring.bat” file.

You can download the mod from here.

Elden Ring Reforged

Boss and NPC Custom Summon

Have you ever wished you could call upon bosses like Malenia and Maliketh to provide a hand in battle? If so, then you should definitely check out Boss and NPC Custom Summon as one of the best Elden Ring add-ons out there.

It expands the player base by allowing them to call upon 186 new characters, from minor sidekicks to game-changing bosses. Custom NPCs, including Guts from Berserk (one of the most overpowered MCs in anime), are included. This modification takes away the limit on how often a character may be summoned.

Six unique sets of amor, including the Artorias set from Dark Souls and others, have been added to the game by the update and the catch is that the users need to download and install Mod Engine in order to utilize the mod. In order to play, drop the files into your “Mod Engine folder” and run the “launchmod_eldenring” executable.

Download Link.

Boss and NPC Custom Summon

Enhanced Moveset Utility

Concerns about the PC versions of From Software games center on the fact that controller input is more natural than mouse and keyboard input. Elden Ring has seen a lot of positive changes recently, yet the town is still not as desirable as you might think.

The Enhanced Moveset Utility add-on for Elden Ring is an attempt to address these issues. The EMU Light for Elden Ring is the spiritual successor of a mod for Dark Souls 3, eliminating roll delays, adding magic hotkeys modeled after PC RPGs, a dedicated roll and sprint key, and much more.

The process of setting up is simple. In order to play the users need to follow these simple steps-

  • The player must first obtain EMULight for Elden, then unpack it.
  • The next step is to get the most recent version of EMULight and extract it there.
  • Simply run EMULight.exe whenever you’re ready to play and hit “Activate” when prompted.

Download Link.

Enhanced Moveset Utility

ReShade HDR FX- Modders Made This To Make It More Better

Even if Fromsoftware put extra effort into the game’s art design and visuals, modders have made it so that the game can appear even better if players so desire by making use of the HDR FX ReShade.

This update provides an advanced version of ReShade to the game, allowing for more realistic HDR lighting. The mod also has a low impact on performance and is simple to implement. After downloading and extracting the archive, move the contents of the “Main Files” folder to the game’s root folder.

The mod can be activated by pressing the End key while playing. Toggle the depth of field with PageUp and PageDown, and use Home to access the user interface.

Download Link.

ReShade HDR FX

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