AEW Fight Forever Mods 2023!


AEW Fight Forever has recently entered the gaming scene, introducing itself as a competitor to WWE 2K23. Since its release, AEW Fight Forever Mods have surged in popularity, becoming highly sought-after additions to the game. With players craving an extra twist to their gaming experience, these mods have become a top search term on Google. Both WWE Games and AEW Games revolve around wrestlers battling it out in the ring to secure victory.

While WWE has a longstanding tradition of releasing a new game annually, its recent 2K series has pushed the boundaries of gaming excellence. On the other hand, AEW has faced some criticism for its graphics and the lack of additional support compared to the robust backing provided by WWE.

To address this, we have compiled a list of the latest mods available for AEW Fight Forever, designed to enhance your gameplay. Let’s take a closer look at some of these exciting additions:

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1. CM Punk Smackdown vs Raw 2011

This mod introduces the iconic and decorated CM Punk from the Smackdown VS RAW 2011 era, replacing the standard CM Punk character in AEW Fight Forever. To install this mod, use Hanley’s mod launcher, which can be found at:

CM Punk

You can download this mod by Clicking Here.

2. Demon Balor Paint For CAW

This special mod transforms Finn Balor’s appearance by applying the distinctive body paint associated with his Demon persona. Experience the awe-inspiring presence of Demon Balor with this unique modification.

Demon Balor

You can download this mod by Clicking Here.

3. Skeleton

One of the most intriguing and widely recognized mods to date, this modification replaces Anna Jay with a formidable skeleton character that dominates opponents in the ring. To install this mod, simply unzip the files and place the UTOC/UCAS/PAK files directly into the AEWFightForever/Content/Paks directory (without the ~mods folder). Ensure that the file names remain unchanged, and utilize chunk 133 for optimal performance.


Click Here to download this mod.

These mods offer thrilling opportunities to enhance your AEW Fight Forever experience, delivering fresh excitement and customization options. To download any of these mods, simply click on the provided links.

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